martes, abril 28, 2009

Worst Slide Story y bancos zombies

Genial esta adaptación de la letra y música de la película West Side Story ahora transformada en Worst Slide Story.
Ahora María es My I.R.A. y I feel pretty se transforma en I was greedy

Ver Worst Slide Story

A musical revue

When you’re in debt
You’re in debt all the way
From a late mortgage check
To car bills you can’t play
When you’re in debt
You stay home every night
No more fancy meals out
It’s leftovers tonight!

I was greedy
Oh, so greedy
I was greedy and seedy and vain!
Never needy only little people feel the pain!

My I.R.A
I just took a look at my I.R.A.
And suddenly I see
There’s no retiring
For me!
My I.R.A.
It’s giving me acute angina!
Dreams of Miami Beach
Completely out of reach
For me!

I’m just your average American
Charge all I want just because I can
Never worked out a financial plan
Now the poop really has hit the fan!

Our spreadsheets were a ripoff
We had a lack of green!
So just like Bernie Madoff
We ran a Ponzi scheme!
But the housing market crumbled
And our pyramid collapsed!
Now everyone knows
That we’re full of crap!!!
Oh Timothy Geithner
We need all your clout!
Our world will fall apart
If we don’t get a bailout!
Leave in a big bonus
For all our hard work
Don’t care
If the world thinks we’re big jerks!!!

Y otro de terror: la noche de los muertos vivientes pero en plan banca zombie.

I got my money in a Zombie Bank...

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