viernes, enero 04, 2008

El empeño de los Bancos

“No sé porque los bancos se empeñan en encontrar nuevas formas de perder dinero cuando las antiguas han venido funcionando tan bien”.

El autor de esta frase es John Stumpf, CEO de Wells Fargo citado por Warren Buffett en una entrevista en la CNBC.

Así fue la entrevista:

... Becky: You know, Mr. Buffett, the Journal does point out today that the major banks could be less profitable over the next few years because of all the trouble that we've seen in the credit industry. Does that give you pause?

Buffett: No, I mean, there have been some mistakes made in banking. As (CEO) John Stumpf of Wells Fargo said, he said, 'I don't know why the banks had to find new ways to lose money when the old ones were working so well.' And they managed to do so. And you don't get all those, you don't get all the problems behind you in a short period of time. So I would say that there are a number of banks that may do as well or better than they did in 2007, because they already started getting hit then. But, there were some sources of income that were kind-of illusionary but nevertheless got reported as income over the last few years. They won't have those. They'll have the clean-up of those. So it's certainly possible some of the big banks aren't going to hit their highs on earnings for a few years...

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